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    NEW Seasonal Blend: HYGGE

    Coffee that can be enjoyed in two ways, BLACK and WHITE

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    NEW: #251 Mexico Santa Cruz Osolotepec

    Mexican coffee with the accentuated savory taste of corn and the sweetness of caramel on medium roast. A comfortable coffee that you can drink every day.

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    NEW: #252 Costa Rica El Venado SL28 Yellow Honey

    As sweet as brown sugar, in addition you can enjoy the flavor of ripe tropical fruits. Recommended for those who miss delicious Kenya coffee too, which I really enjoyed drinking few months back.

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    NEW: #253 Colombia Johan Vergara Java

    Java is an Ethiopian variety of coffee that originated in Indonesia. Basically, it shows a good fruity flavor like a berry, but you can feel the sweetness of tobacco and the spiciness of white pepper at the same time. Experience this rare Javanese coffee grown in Colombia.

    Equipment & Merch

    Equipment & Merch

    We stock a range of high quality coffee brewing equipment and merchandise, all of which are designed to help you get the best out of your coffee.

    Subscription Service

    Subscription Service

    Making sure you would never run out of coffee again! Choose from a recurring delivery of our specialty coffee blends or single origin offerings, roasted to display complexity, vibrancy and clarity.

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