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    Auction Series #004

    Ninety Plus Yuzu & Ruby

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    NEW: Kenya x Kenya Blend

    The only truth to creating a blend is simple, it simply tastes better when you mix different coffees together that that way.

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    NEW: #238 Peru El Pajuro Natural

    The fragrant aroma of peanut butter comes first. 'Is this typical South American coffee?' you'd think. - No. The moment you think that, you feel and you taste there is this berry sweetness somewhere and that is definitely not what you get from the typical South American coffees. The flavor of milk chocolate, which becomes clearer as the temperature of coffee decreases further enhances the complexity of the coffee.

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    #230 Ethiopia Halo Beriti Natural

    In recent years as ‘anaerobic fermentation’ becomes more popular, it is not as easy to get classic natural coffees anymore. One thing that intrigued us by this Halo Beriti is its comeback as a natural coffee instead of washed, and bringing with it the tropical fruits and flowers flavor rather than the usual berry scent we often encounter.

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    BB Drip Bags

    Easy access to your daily sanity.

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    Equipment & Merch

    Equipment & Merch

    We stock a range of high quality coffee brewing equipment and merchandise, all of which are designed to help you get the best out of your coffee.

    Subscription Service

    Subscription Service

    Making sure you would never run out of coffee again! Choose from a recurring delivery of our specialty coffee blends or single origin offerings, roasted to display complexity, vibrancy and clarity.

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