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    Seasonal Blend: Dear____

    Coffee with a comfortable flavor that is good to present to anyone. After enjoying the sweetness of chocolate to your heart's content, it finishes with a subtle fig lingering aftertaste.

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    #269 Ethiopia Keramo Natural

    The complex flavor of red berries and the strange sweetness reminiscent of lychee are interesting coffees that evoke the sensation of bursting juice when you bite into bubble gum.

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    #270 Colombia El Paris Lychee Decaf

    The moment the coffee is ground, the space is filled with the scent of sweet tropical fruits. The moment you sip the brewed coffee in your mouth, the sweetness of a handful of lychee and the aroma of guava juice spreads.

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    Equipment & Merch

    Equipment & Merch

    We stock a range of high quality coffee brewing equipment and merchandise, all of which are designed to help you get the best out of your coffee.

    Subscription Service

    Subscription Service

    Making sure you would never run out of coffee again! Choose from a recurring delivery of our specialty coffee blends or single origin offerings, roasted to display complexity, vibrancy and clarity.

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