We are looking for those who will create an excellent coffee community together.

The purpose of our work is to grow a passion for coffee, people, and excellence among our teams. No matter who you are, we want you to pick up skills and master expertise while forming meaningful relationships and commitments. We are constantly crafting an environment where people can take ownership of the craft, bringing it to the highest possible level of quality. We want to see people build a career out of coffee. We want you to grow with us and continue to pursue your ambitions. We believe that it takes great teams to achieve excellence. Our team is what makes us Bean Brothers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a coffee experience?

When it comes to new hires, experience isn't that important. At Bean Brothers, there are many people who come from various fields other than coffee, and there are many people who are new to espresso machines. Your career isn't measured simply by how long you've worked at a bar. If the colleagues you work with have something to learn from you and you feel the value of working together, that will be the true career of the person who started it in the first place.
The barista team values 5 areas, each of which is professionalism, management, leadership, teamwork, and communication, and only one item related to coffee expertise is 'professionalism'. From the point of view of the team's coffee, the person who can be together for a long time is more precious.

What kind of person are you looking for?

The baristas of Bean Brothers play a role in designing and delivering various experiences related to coffee without being bound by coffee bar work. It is like connecting coffee with customers based on individual coffee expertise. You must be someone who understands your customers and can devote a lot of time and energy to studying coffee (more than you can imagine).

Bean Brothers pursue coffee based on the capabilities of the team rather than relying on the skills of a few individuals. Internal peer review is also based on five areas. Professionalism, that is, about 80% of the four criteria excluding professionalism are team-related criteria, and the value of the team is very important.

You should be someone who thinks in terms of the team and can sympathize with the direction the team is heading. When you join the company, you will meet a lot of activities to think about, speak, and write beyond studying coffee. This is to develop the ability to communicate openly with others about the direction the team is heading. We are looking for someone who can learn the habit and method of self-reflection by constantly looking into themselves using the team as a mirror. Age, gender, and education are irrelevant to hiring criteria.

How can I differentiate myself?

Please tell us how you apply to Bean Brothers with your perspective on coffee, a sense of depth, and how much weight you have. There are many cases where it is difficult to apply for free forms. Rather than being grandiose, I'd rather you tell your story honestly.
Sometimes, there are people who recognize Bean Brothers as a coffee educational institution. I think it's good to feel like a school while experiencing Bean Brothers' educational system, but we are a company. Please express your willingness to contribute to each other.

How can I apply?

Please refer to each position’s information on the recruitment page

I submitted my application, will I be notified of its progress?

Applicants who have passed are contacted within 14 days from the date of receipt of application documents. We apologize for not being able to contact everyone.