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Black Suit

RM 48.00

The bold basic, like a classic suit that fits perfectly. Black Suit is one of the two signature blends that has been with us since the beginning. Though you might notice slight variations throughout the year, we are dedicated to making these staples consistent. We build our blends around flavour profiles, rather than specific component coffees using what is available fresh to us in the current season, adjusting the ratio or even the number of components as needed.

Everyday Coffee

This is a coffee that we think represent the savoury taste of roasted grains and walnuts. It also has this sweet bitter of dark chocolate and aftertaste reminiscent of cornbread tea. It has exactly the charm that anyone would enjoy comfortably.

 Blend of
 Brazil Cachoeira da Grama
 Natural Yellow Bourbon
 Colombia Loma Verde
 Washed Caturra
 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado G1
 Fully Washed Local Landraces & JARC 74 selections


 Roasting  Medium Dark
 Note  Walnut, Dark Chocolate