Brand Story

It started with a simple idea: to share our passion for good coffee.

In 2011, when coffee was considered to be a bitter drink, young entrepreneurs who started their businesses in college and just stepped into the coffee distribution industry failed in coffee sales even though they had created excellent products after years of research and development. They eventually realized that customers would have a hard time appreciating the value of good coffee until they had enough experience with different coffees. In order to give people the opportunity to experience different coffees, they launched a coffee subscription service in 2013 that sends out different coffees to different people. They named their brand Bean Brothers. And an unexpected reaction occurred.

As of 2023, Bean Brothers has guided thousands of coffee subscribers to new coffee experiences. As a group of excellent coffee professionals, we operate 7 stores in Korea and 4 in Malaysia, and we also provide coffee and related solutions to over 600 coffee partners based on professionally designed roastery. Our vision is to become an excellent coffee company that inspires people in Korea and beyond, encouraging people to change their perception of coffee and baristas. We are building a warm-hearted community through great coffee.