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Clever Coffee Dripper

RM 75.00

Comes with a lid. Brews one cup at a time.
Effortless cleanup: just discard the filter and coffee grounds, then give the brewer a quick rinse and scrub.

The Mr. Clever Coffee Dripper is a full-immersion dripper that is one of the simplest and most reliable coffee brewers out there. It’s easy to use, brews delicious coffee, is a breeze to clean, and is nearly indestructible.

The coffee that comes from this brewer is extraordinarily balanced in almost every way. Thanks to the paper filter and 3-4 minute brew time, it has a reliable medium body and medium acidity. It has the rich flavour of a french press and the clean body of a pour-over – an approachable middle ground.

The brewing process is painless and consistent, requiring very little effort. It’s perfect for newcomers looking for a forgiving brewer as well as coffee enthusiasts who love an easy-made cup of delicious coffee.

It also works as a manual drip brewer. Made with durable BPA-free plastic, it features a unique valve/stopper at the bottom. The dripper has small “feet” at the bottom which prevent the valve from being opened unless the device is set on top of a mug. That means you can split a brew between multiple cups and allow the grounds to steep longer before you deposit the coffee into your cup.

Learn how to brew a delicious cup with the Clever Dripper.

Customer Reviews

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Tan Sue Yong
Awesome 🤩 dripper

make a perfect cup of coffee ☕️