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Our Roastery

In the middle of 2017, we moved our coffee roasting operations to our newly built coffee roasting facility in Incheon. It was an exciting change. We have been roasting in our café for 3 years prior to that. We have upgraded almost everything, new machine, bigger warehouse - though one thing has stuck through - our goal remains. The goal to be an excellent coffee roaster, and also an excellent coffee company.

In the roasting room, raw green beans from all over the world are reborn. A good roasting machine does more than just looking good, it makes a roasting routine more efficient and consistent. Roasting can be much more precise and approached by proper engineering. We have made so much significant breakthroughs within the industry in improving the consistency and quality of the quality we roast till now.

Roasting Equipment: Loring S35, Probat 300, Stronghold S7, Destoner D35

Our roastery has a dedicated roasting room that roasts coffee and send them to all our Bean Brothers cafes, online customers and our wholesale partners. We also have a cupping room that baristas and roasters gather to cup coffees together, a R&D office for all sorts of experiments along with a training room for education. We have a huge warehouse storing up to 100 tons of beans with controlled temperature and humidity 24/7.