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Frequently Asked Questions

Bean Brothers Online

Which courier service do you work with? 
We mainly work with DHL to deliver our orders. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact them directly through their Customer Service hotline at +603 3099 2800.

How many days does it take to process my order? 
We take around 1-3 working days to process and pack your order before shipping them out. 

When can I receive my order? 
You should be able to receive your order within 5 working days. If you are experiencing a delay in your order or would like to expedite it, please let us know.

Do you do same-day delivery?
We don't provide this service at the moment, but if you need to receive your order urgently, please don't hesitate to let us know, so we can make suitable arrangements for you. 

How frequently do you roast your beans? 
We roast our beans on weekdays from Monday to Friday. The roastery is off on weekends. You can discover more about our roastery here.

Where are your beans roasted?
We source green beans from all over the world through green bean companies and direct trade. We roast the beans at our roastery in Incheon, Seoul. You can discover more about our roastery here.

Bean Brothers Cafe

Do you take reservations? 
We only take reservations for a party of 8 persons or more, otherwise you can just walk in and take a seat. (:

What are your social distancing guidelines like? 
Visitors are required to check their temperatures upon entry and register themselves via our contactless form. We've also prepared a sanitisation station for you at our main counter.

All of our tables are now 2 meters apart to allow for ample social distances. We sanitize all the tables and chairs between customers to ensure utmost cleanliness. All of our employees are required to wear face masks at all times, as well as gloves where appropriate. 

What are your opening hours?
Our opening hours are currently 8.30AM to 5.00PM for Kitchen by Bean Brothers, but both of our stores officially close at 6.00PM, so you'll still be able to enjoy Bean Brothers Coffee during the last hour.

Why are your menus in PJ and KL different? 
We have different head chefs and team for both outlets, and we believe in the chefs in their menu curation rather than following standard recipes. the menu is revised regularly based on the seasonal ingredients available too.