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2021.06 New Release

Ethiopia Halo Beriti Natural “…exotic combination of papaya and lavender.” Guatemala San Antonio Chaguite“…savory sweet aroma of toffee nuts, refreshing acidity of golden kiwi.” Pink Punch Seasonal Blend“…this coffee starts...

#230 Colombia El Mirador Natural

The scent of heavy cacao and subtle black cherry.
The rich cacao scent and the subtle fruity scent reminiscent of black cherry delights the nose. If you hold it in your mouth, you can feel the fruity acidity and soft touch, and the bitterness of dark chocolate leaves a lingering lingering effect.

Unique Colombian natural coffee that will be remembered for a long time.
It has only been possible in recent years that Colombian natural coffee has become readily available. This is because before 2015, the Colombian Coffee Association (FNC) restricted exports of coffee that were not produced by the washed process. Danilo Perez is Colombia's first generation farmer, working with green bean exporter Cofinet to apply progressive processing to coffee. This natural coffee has been fermented for a total of nearly 200 hours, including 50 hours of anaerobic fermentation. The aroma and taste are both strong, so it will remain in memory for a long time even after a lot of time has passed.

Brew Guide : The rich fruity aroma created by the natural process imposes a yogurt-like taste when milk is met. Normal fresh milk is good, but it gets even better when you try them with lacto-free milk - where everything gets even more intense due to lactose decomposition. It is also recommended to freeze them in an ice mold and enjoy the fun of changing tastes as it slowly melts

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#235 Guatemala San Antonia Chaguite

Savory sweet aroma of toffee nuts, refreshing acidity of golden kiwi.

This coffee are full of reminiscences of toffee nuts with the sweetness of caramel. Buttery scent gently follows after a few sips and as the coffee cools down, the refreshing acidity of golden kiwi will kick in. After drinking, you will taste some light scent of chamomile tea lingering.

Our best Guatemalan coffee of the year.
Huehuetenango is the most famous coffee region having the highest altitudes and also one of the three non-volcanic areas in the country. Tabi is a breed developed in 2002 by Colombian Coffee Research Institute (CENICAFE) and is a hybrid of Typica, Bourbon and Timor Hybrid. It is meant to be immune to leaf rust. The porous clay soil is rich in nutrients, drains well, and does still include volcanic dust from nearby eruptions over time. Thermal hot masses of air coming down from the Gulf of Mexico mix with the cooler air that descends from the Cuchumatanes mountain range creates a myriad unique micro-climates allows coffee to grow without being affected by frost damage. Slow development of the trees allows more complex sugars and nutrients to develop in within. This results with amazing flavours that found in this month’s Guatemala.

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Subtle and sweet aroma of cherries and nectarine.
This coffee starts with scent of cherries and nectarines revolving around the nose, followed by sweetness of brown sugar and black tea. As you drink the fruity aroma becomes more vivid and feels like juice when the coffee cools down. After the sweet scent has passed, you finishes the cup with lingering oolong tea aftertaste.

PINK PUNCH. We wanted to make a ambitious experimental blend where we can feel the atrocities of various fruits. Washed Ethiopian citrus’s, Natural Ethiopian berries, Natural Colombian wine acidity all in the prefect proportions. Perfect blend for the beginning of outdoor season in the nature. Grab this coffee with ice and head out to the mountains and rivers.




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