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Bean Brothers

#243 Ethiopia Koke Yellow Honey

RM 67.00
Whole Bean
French Press
Pour Over
Aero Press

*Pre-order: Ships on 10th October


Do you like Ethiopian coffee? When you think of Ethiopian coffee, what flavor comes to mind first? Fresh reminiscent of the unique floral scent of washed coffee and citrus? Or is it a natural coffee with a hint of red fruit?

This coffee is a little special. It has a slightly different tone of flavor from the Ethiopian coffee we have encountered before. This is because this coffee is processed with the yellow honey process, which is rare in the production area of Ethiopia.

The honey process is a processing method that is used a lot in Costa Rica. After removing the coffee pulp, it is dried while the mucilage remains in the thin shell (parchment) that surrounds the seeds. The lower the amount of mucilage, the lighter the color, and the higher the amount, the darker the color as prefix to the name of the process. Named after a washing station called Koke, this coffee is dried with leaving about 70% mucilage. During drying, the parchment takes on a yellowish tint, hence the name yellow honey.

In Ethiopia, where coffee was traditionally processed as washed or natural, coffees processed through the honey process are slowly starting to appear. It it is good news that the number of processing plants that are experimenting with more varied methods are increasing.

When we first encountered this coffee, we were impressed with the subtle floral scent that followed the immense sweetness of the clear jocheong. It wasn't exactly flashy, but it had a charm that keeps pulling you in. After enjoying the sweet reminiscent of sugar cane or ripe tangerine, a delicate floral scent will remain in your mouth.

It has a good balance overall, hence a coffee that doesn't feel heavy and weight you down in this rainy season. Would you like to enjoy this coffee that melts comfortably at any time?


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