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Bean Brothers

#326 Java Frinsa Natural

RM 78.00

Tasting Notes

Rose, Raspberry, Grape

Beans Information

  • Region : West Java, Indonesia
  • Producer : Local Farmers
  • Processing Station : Frinsa
  • Varietal : Bor Bor, Lini S, Ateng Super, Timor, Sigarar Utang, P88
  • Process : Natural
  • Roasting Level : Medium

Coffee Story

When you think of Indonesian coffee, you may imagine earthy and unpleasant flavors. However, some Indonesian coffees have great quality that go beyond these stereotypes. Java and Sumatra coffees, which have been introduced several times by Bean Brothers, are examples of such coffees. The coffee we are introducing this time is no exception.

'Java Prince' is a coffee that highlights the unique characteristics of Indonesian varieties by blending various types varietal of coffee. Producer Willdan harvests high-quality coffee in the region and focuses on the processing, which is why he has invested in well-ventilated storage spaces and processing facilities. He controls everything from harvesting, grading, to shipping to ensure product traceability.

We introduce the Manis Lot #Manis of Prince. 'Manis' means 'loved by everyone' in their language. It is a coffee that evokes a red color like the hot sun. It has a fragrant and fresh taste, like drinking rose water, and also breaks down prejudices with its sweet and sour berry flavor.

We hope this Java coffee becomes a coffee loved by all coffee lovers, 'Manis'.

BEAN BROTHER'S Barista Brew Guide

Method : Hario switch dripper
Coffee beans : 18g
Water : 180g (100g ice)
Water temperature : 91°
Brew time : 3 mins
Grind size : Lagom mini (1.4 rotation gs)

Size: 200g
Grind: Whole Bean
Size: 200g
Grind: Whole Bean
Explore the world of exceptional coffee with us.
Explore the world of exceptional coffee with us.
Explore the world of exceptional coffee with us.


How long does it take to process an order before it's shipped?

We process our orders daily and send them to our courier partner within 3 working days.

Where are your packages shipped from?

Our packages are shipped from our headquarters at Sunway Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, we only provide shipping within Malaysia at the moment.

Do you provide free shipping?

Yes, when you order more than RM75!

Where can I buy your coffee beans in person?

You can purchase them at both our cafés located at Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur.Click here for directions.

Can I change my grind settings after I’ve placed my order?

Sorry, we don't allow for any changes in orders after it has been made. We encourage you to check clearly before you place your order. If you have any urgent issues regarding your orders at all, you can reach out to us via our live chat.

How many cups of coffee can I make with a 200g pack?

You'll be able to make around 12-14 cups of delicious coffee.

I'm new to the world of coffee, how should I start making coffee at home?

For beginners, we recommend using the Clever Dripper for pour over coffee, because it's simple, straightforward, and reasonably affordable for the quality of its brew.Learn how to brew with the Clever Dripper here.

What is the best consumed date for coffee beans? Are your coffee beans freshly-roasted?

We recommend 7-21 days after the initial roasting date to allow for degassing to take place, allowing the flavour of the coffee compounds to be properly extracted. Within the first seven days, roasted coffee beans are still releasing carbon dioxide and degassing. If not degassed properly, it will hinder the extraction of ground coffee particles during the brewing process.

What are the differences between Single Origins and Blends?

Single origin beans are harvested from a single producer, crop, or region, usually delivering a taste profile that is unique to its origins. Blends are a mixture of a few single origin beans, producing a rich and expressive flavor profile.

How do I choose coffee that is suitable for me?

Find the right tasting notes. These are often identified by our barista during cupping sessions. Some coffee are more floral and fruity while some are more chocolaty and nutty. As you drink more coffee, you will figure out which notes you would like the most.

Which grind size should I choose for my brewing method?

You may refer to our brew guide here.