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#238 Peru El Pajuro Natural

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Peanut Butter and Berry Mix

The fragrant aroma of peanut butter comes first. 'Is this typical South American coffee?' you'd think. - No. The moment you think that, you feel and you taste there is this berry sweetness somewhere and that is definitely not what you get from the typical South American coffees. The flavor of milk chocolate, which becomes clearer as the temperature of coffee decreases further enhances the complexity of the coffee.

High quality natural coffee that shines among the Peruvian

Peru coffee export ranks among the top 10 in the world. However, compared to the quality of coffee from its neighboring regions such as Colombia and Guatemala, it still has much more room to grow. Coffee in Peru are mainly of the washing process, giving them a general consensus that Peru coffee are mild.

El Pajuro Farm is one of the few farms in Peru that produces only natural coffee. Farmer Jorge Torres Sanchez pre-ferment the cherries macerated in bags giving extra acidity and more heavily fruited cup profile to the coffees. This particular coffee that we have from him is one that shows how natural coffee from South America can have different charms from the natural coffees in Africa.

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Arash Nasiri Eghbali
Loved it

Very balanced and bright taste.