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#207 Rwanda Huye Mountain

RM 57.00

Here at Bean Brothers, we offer brand new Single Origin selections in limited quantities every month. This Single Origin is no longer available for sale as it was a past offering.

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Single Origin #207
Rwanda Huye Mountain
Washed / Medium Light Roast

Huye, Rwanda
Huye Mountain 454
David Rubanzangabo
Red Bourbon


Citrus acidity and flavors of tangerine

The acidity is soft and sweet, and fruits like tangerine and Hallabong (a type of mandarin orange primarily grown in Hallasan, Jeju Island) will come to mind. Enjoy plenty of clean sweetness and juicy textures, much like other red bourbon varieties.

Coffee from a tight knit local community

Huye Mountain, the washing station that processes this coffee, has an incredibly tight knit community. Farmers often gather to share knowledge and information that are essential in operating the farm. Aside from that, David, the owner, also works with the farmers to manage a farm tour program. The profits are then used to run a scholarship system for the farmers' children. They strongly believe that with a tight knit community such as theirs, they can make a happier, and more delicious coffee.

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