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Single Origin

#202 Colombia Nilson López

RM 67.00

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Single Origin #202
Colombia Nilson López
Washed / Medium Light Roast

Buesaco, Colombia
Finca San Antonio
Nilson López

Savory Aroma of Granola Bars and Light Sweetness of Dried Red Dates

This Colombian coffee brings a pleasantly savory aroma of biting a granola bar along with a light sweetness of dried red dates. There is a wonderful balance amidst the moderate acidity and a clean, sweet taste. The more you drink, the more pleasant your coffee tastes.

Nilson López, bringing the community together

It’s not every day you get to enjoy coffee from a small-town mayor, but Nilson López’s leadership and support for smallholder coffee producers has extended beyond his small township of Medina Espejo, as he was also recently elected as the mayor of the town of Buesaco. Nilson is a coffee farmer who runs the San Antonio Farm, and he has been the foundation of the local industry, supporting locals directly by raising funds for coffee production while also providing them with technical support.


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