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#199 Ethiopia Bekele Legay

RM 64.00

Single Origin #199
Ethiopia Bekele Legay
Natural / Medium Light Roast

Adado, Ethiopia
Bekele Legay
Bekele Legay
Dega & Kurume

Bright and Vibrant Notes of Blueberries and Blackcurrants

This Ethiopian coffee presents flavours of white peaches and jasmine altogether followed by subtle aroma of berries. Bright acidity and sweetness of black currants supplement to the coffee with a pleasant finish. 

Coffee Grown Slowly Under the Shade

Bekele Legay is the name of the farm located at high altitude in Adado and one of the farmers himself. In the farm, he grows two local heirlooms - Dega and Kurume. They are common in Gedeo zone and have great distinct flavours. These coffees are grown under the shade of avocado and false banana trees, which lead them to grow under appropriate amount of sunlight. Consequently, the coffee becomes more nutritious due to relatively slower growth speed.