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#197 Brazil Fazenda Volta De Serra

RM 64.00

Here at Bean Brothers, we offer brand new Single Origin selections in limited quantities every month. This Single Origin is no longer available for sale as it was a past offering.

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Single Origin #198
Brazil Fazenda Volta De Serra (Brazil COE #11)
Pulped Natural / Medium Light Roast

Piaza, Brazil
Fazenda Volta De Serra
Agnaldo Martins
Red Catuai
Pulped Natural

 Pulped Natural Coffee Only Ripe Cherries Are Processed Into

It has clean sweetness along with a note of hazelnut and acidity of raspberries. Then comes maple syrup of which aroma and silky texture smoothly coat the inside of the mouth. 

11th Rank in Brazil COE 2019

This coffee underwent pulped natural process which is one of the most common processing methods in Brazil, it ranked 11th place in the Brazil COE (Cup of Excellence) 2019 scoring 88.5 points.

Concern about Quality

Since the owner of Fazenda Volta de Serra, Agnaldo Martins, inherited this farm from his father, he has worked hard to reach the current level of quality. Especially, he cares a great deal about cherry processing which is crucial for coffee quality. So the farm is carefully sanitised and sterilised at every step of the process. 

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