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#198 Ethiopia Getachew Zekele

RM 57.00

Here at Bean Brothers, we offer brand new Single Origin selections in limited quantities every month. This Single Origin is no longer available for sale as it was a past offering.

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Single Origin #198
Ethiopia Getachew Zekele (NW Lot #31)
Washed / Medium Light Roast

Guji, Ethiopia
Dimtu Tero
Getachew Zekele
Heirloom & JARC74112

 Coffee Harvested by 136 Smallholders at Dimtu Tero Farm

Vibrant apricot note is followed by vivid sweetness, which also gives you a hint of tangerine juice. Afterwards, chamomile aroma lingers in the nose and completes complex flavours of this coffee.

Sustainable Community

Getachew Zekele, the founder of Dimtu Tero farm, works together with smallholders that have the vision to grow a thriving and sustainable community. He treats these farmers as partners and strives to pay a premium price for the coffee while provision inputs (seedlings and organic material) and training as well. 

Organic Coffee Production

Coffee production and processing are done in an organic, socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner. This practise has been verified by BCSOKO as well as NOP, EU and JAS Organic.

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