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#210 Ethiopia Gomoro 107

RM 72.00

Here at Bean Brothers, we offer brand new Single Origin selections in limited quantities every month. This Single Origin is no longer available for sale as it was a past offering.

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Single Origin #210
Ethiopia Gomoro 107
Natural/Anaerobic Fermentation (below 72 hours) / Medium Light Roast

Guji, Ethiopia
Primrose S.P. PLC
Heirloom & JARC 74
Natural/Anaerobic Fermentation (below 72 hours)


Green grapes, green apples, and sangria

We are impressed from the very first sip. The acidity of green apples and the refreshing taste of green grapes resembles white wine. Taste the rich and exotic flavours of tropical fruits like mango, as it leaves a lingering, complex, and fruit-filled sweetness reminiscent of sangria.

Experiment lot: Gomoro 107 natural anaerobic

Ethiopian Gomoro 107 has a specialty that is not often experienced. Coffee cherries named 'Experimental Lots' have a special processing method where the cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation in an oxygen-free tank. The number '107' is assigned to a lot that has been fermented for 72 hours or less, whereas '101' is assigned for a lot that has been processed for 72 hours or more. In an oxygen-free environment, the types and amounts of microorganisms causing the fermentation are limited, creating unique flavors. After that, the cherries are dried through natural processing, which is conducted under careful control, to complete and retain the complex flavor.

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