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#209 Colombia Monteblanco Geisha

RM 70.00

Here at Bean Brothers, we offer brand new Single Origin selections in limited quantities every month. This Single Origin is no longer available for sale as it was a past offering.

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Single Origin #209

Colombia Monteblanco Geisha
Washed / Medium Light Roast

Huila, Colombia
Rodrigo Valencia & Claudia Samboni


Sweet and sour reminiscent of ripe apricots and plums

Sweet and sour like ripe apricots and plums, this coffee has the aroma of fresh orange juice. It is well-balanced with a delicate jasmine scent, complete with a soft acidity and touch.

Colombian Geisha with an elegant presence

Known for its experimental processing methods and varieties, Monteblanco is a farm located in the Huila region of southern Colombia. A few years ago, Rodrigo, one of the owners, decided to plant a Geisha variety on the farm. Although the yield was on the lower side, the Panama Geisha varietal that was planted proved to be of exceptional quality. Huila's high altitude makes it an ideal environment for Geishas to grow, after all. 

Even with excellent characteristics, Rodrigo is dedicated to improving the coffee's quality, hence he also chose to implement the Brix measurement on harvested coffee cherries, selecting only cherries that exceed certain sugar content standards. Experience the Colombian Geisha today, a delicate and elegant flavor that reveals its presence from its name alone.

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