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Bean Brothers

Gabi: Seasonal Blend

RM 62.00
Whole Bean
French Press
Pour Over

Fragrant aroma of wheat flour, sweetness of dried jujubes

The fragrant aroma of wheat flour and the sweetness of dried jujube are in a pleasant harmony. When the coffee is warm, it feels mainly fragrant, but as the temperature goes down, the sweetness reminiscent of dried jujubes is more evident. If you grind coffee beans yourself, you can experience the aroma of wheat flour filling the space.


There were people drinking coffee in Seoul a hundred years ago. At that time, people called coffee 'gabi' or 'gabaecha', but the price was so high that the common people couldn't afford it, and it is said that high-ranking officials or cultural and artistic people mostly gathered in coffee shops to drink coffee. What kind of flavor and taste was the 'Gabi' that people drank at that time?

The name of this blend, 'Gabi 咖啡', comes from the amusing imagination of barista Choi Kyung-wha (Hai) to the above question. How would people feel if they drank this coffee with Korean tasting notes like rice flour and dried jujube 100 years ago? Unlike other coffees, which have unfamiliar floral and fruit flavors, the taste of this coffee must have been familiar.

The Gabi Blend introduced this time is a combination of Peruvian and Indian. If you've looked closely at the coffee information, you've probably noticed that the Indian coffee variety is Robusta. Indian Robusta, with its savory grainy flavor, is often used in Italian espresso, and is the main ingredient in Bean Brothers' signature blend Malt.

If Malt is a coffee that unpacks an Italian espresso blend in the Bean Brothers style, Gabi is a coffee that we wanted for it to take a different path. We reduced the proportion of Indian Robusta and used Peruvian washed coffee with a fragrant nutty flavor as the main ingredient. The roasting degree was also slightly lower than that of Malt. As a result, coffee made with foreign ingredients has a very Korean flavor and taste. It goes well with both espresso and hand drip.

It is a coffee that makes you think about how people who enjoyed 'Gabi' at coffee shops in Seoul 100 years ago would feel if they visited a Bean Brothers store and drank the Gabi blend.

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