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[PRE ORDER] Auction Series #006 Los Morales Geisha Natural

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El Salvador COE 2023 2nd Place [Cup Score: 91.23] 

Estimated delivery date : 17th January 2024 

Auction Series is Bean Brothers’ top coffee lineup that introduces ‘really special coffee’. We believes that while possessing the three basic elements of coffee - sweetness, clean cup, and consistency - coffee with unique charms that are difficult to taste anywhere else is purchased through methods such as auctions and introduced through the Auction Series.

This is an auction series introduced after a long time. In 2019,we launched 'Pacamara at El Injerto Farm' and in 2022, we launched 'Ninety Plus Tigre & Kule'. It's already been a year and a half. 

This sixth series is 'Geisha Natural from Los Morales Farm in El Salvador'. This is a beautiful coffee that combines floral and fruity aromas such as jasmine, acacia honey, plum, and green grapes with bright acidity, high sweetness, and a smooth texture. I recommend this coffee to anyone who wants to experience a great clean cup of Geisha coffee.

Tasting Notes
Jasmine, Acacia Honey, Plum, Green Grape

Farmer Henri Milton Morales Umaña
Farm Finca Los Morales
Region Alotepec-Metapán, El Salvador
Varieties/Processing Geisha / Natural
Roasting Medium Light
Volume 100g

El Salvador COE 2023 2nd Place 

In June 2023, we heard from Rosa, a green coffee buyer who returned from judging the coffees submitted to the El Salvador Cup of Excellence (COE), that she had found a really good coffee. Geisha Natural from Los Morales Farm took second place with a whopping 91.23 points. Thanks to the team's experience of the best coffee this year, we were able to introduce the sixth Auction Series to our customers. 

This Geisha Natural coffee was grown at Los Morales Farm, located 1,800 meters above sea level. Milton Morales is putting a lot of effort into producing excellent coffee by dividing the farm into 45 zones and managing them by variety. It wasn't long before his efforts paid off. In 2022, it will rank 15th in El Salvador's COE, and in 2023 it will rank 2nd and 9th. Milton Morales says this about his coffee:

“You will discover the Los Morales team’s endless dedication to coffee in the aroma, taste, and body of our coffee. We know that excellence comes from habits, not actions.”
“In the aroma, flavor and body of our coffee, you can find the uninterrupted commitment of an entire team that knows that excellence is not an act but a habit.”

Final Release of 2023, First Release of 2024

“What flavor comes to mind when you think of coffee from El Salvador? I tend to associate sweet flavors and aromas. This is a prejudice I developed after experiencing El Salvadoran coffee for a long time. This coffee, introduced this time through the Auction Series, is a coffee that shattered my preconceptions. 

It has the sweetness of El Salvador, but also has colorful floral and fruity flavors reminiscent of Ethiopia or Panama. We hope that many people will be able to experience the spectrum of El Salvadoran coffee through this coffee.”

- Seonmin Kim Kev, Roster

“Every time I smell the sweet scent of this coffee, I think of the moment I first met the Morales family at the COE banquet hall. I can still vividly see my father receiving congratulatory messages from many people, my son proudly carrying his trophy all night long, and my mother greeting everyone warmly. It is important to enjoy the change in flavor of coffee. 

Drink it slowly and enjoy the flavor of coffee that changes from an elegant flower to an energetic yellow tropical fruit. Even though it didn’t take first place, it is number one in my heart.”

- Rosa, Green Coffee Buyer 

Size: 100g
Size: 100g
Explore the world of exceptional coffee with us.
Explore the world of exceptional coffee with us.
Explore the world of exceptional coffee with us.


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