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#248 Colombia Las Brisas Orange Bourbon

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Whole Bean
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Coffee Story

The Bourbon royal family of France was a family that boasted great power. It disappeared into history during the French Revolution and the February Revolution, but the name is still called by those who enjoy coffee. This is the story of a coffee variety called Bourbon.

In the 18th century, the Bourbons owned an island east of Madagascar. Coffee trees were brought from Yemen to the island one day and cultivation was attempted three times, the trees that finally adapted to island are known to be the origins of the Bourbon variety, and they are conveniently named Bourbon after the royal family.

It was thanks to French missionaries that Bourbon, which grew only on the island of Bourbon until the mid-19th century, spread to the world. It was first delivered to nearby African countries, and around the same time to Brazil, a hub for the distribution of the variety in Central and South America. If it weren't for the missionaries who diligently took care of coffee seedlings every time they went on a mission, the bourbon variety might still be a specialty of Bourbon Island.

Although cultivation has declined somewhat since the 21st century, Bourbon still has a presence in the coffee industry. This is because with Bourbons you can enjoy different fruit color variations as well as excellent cup quality. There are four types of color variety namely red, yellow, pink and orange that have been discovered so far, of which pink and orange bourbon have only recently started to appear on the market.

If you are interested in bourbon varieties, it would be a fun experience to try different colors of bourbon, starting with the orange bourbon from Las Brisas Farm introduced this time.


Customer Reviews

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Arash Nasiri Eghbali
Expected better quality from BB

It's not what I expected to order fresh beans and receiving beans (after 4-5 days) which are roasted more than one month ago! It's not stale but still you miss some complexity.