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#242 Colombia San Luis Anaerobic Honey

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Sweetness of brown sugar, lingering aftertaste of subtle lavender 

Coffee with a sweet and delicate flavor. The sweetness of brown sugar and the acidity of apricots are in harmony, and the texture is soft and comfortable on the tongue. It finishes with a lingering lingering scent of lavender that lingers on the tip of the nose.


The anaerobic processing that has been popular in the coffee industry over the past few years has been mainly applied to natural coffee. This means that after harvesting, coffee that has undergone an anaerobic environment is dried to a cherry state. Most coffees with strong fermentation nuances that we normally associate with anaerobic coffee fall into this category.

However, for some time on, honey and washed coffee with anaerobic processing started to appear one by one. The details vary from farm to farm, but the general consensus is that coffee is harvested, washed, and then subjected to an anaerobic environment. However, depending on the state of drying after that, they are classified into natural, honey, and washed.

This Typica coffee from San Luis Farm introduced this time, is coffee processed with an anaerobic honey process. You can hardly feel the fermentation nuances of normal anaerobic natural coffee. The character of the Typica variety, which is characterized by a sweet fragrance reminiscent of flowers, is well revealed.

It's your turn to ask, 'Then why did you do anaerobic processing?' “I wanted to bring out more flavor,” said farmer Omar Arango. I'm not referring to the flavor of authentic anaerobic natural coffees like dark chocolate or alcohol, but fruity flavors that would go well with the Typica variety. 'Transforming' coffee through anaerobic processing is usually when coffee does not have an attractive flavor, but Typica, which has a great original flavor, anaerobic seems to be a good way to add a flavor that complements the exotic flavor rather than covering it up instead.

Typica is a coffee with a floral and sweet flavor that develops even further when the variety is processed through the honey process. It is also a coffee that makes you realize that the flavor spectrum of coffee that has undergone an anaerobic environment is wider than you think.

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