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September Single Origin Offers

September Single Origin Offers

We've got some fresh Single Origin selections for you this month! This September, take your tastebuds on a global adventure with our latest coffees: swirl velvety red wine, crunch aromatic pecans, bite into sweet peach tarts, or all three — take your pick!

#211: Ethiopia Halo Beriti

Do you have a favourite Ethiopian washed coffee? We know, it's a pretty specific question. But if you do, and your answer is Velvet White, our roasters would be extremely delighted. It's true that Halo Beriti has been a primary component of Velvet White since mid-June. Now, it joins the leagues of our Single Origin selections.

It's not our first time using a component from our Signature Blend and offer it as a Single Origin. Sometimes, the coffee is so good, we just can't resist showing it off! Having tried more than a hundred Ethiopian washed coffees since March, this remained as one of the best, so it was natural for us to share this coffee with you.

But you might still wonder: what's the point of presenting two (almost-)identical coffees in store? This is why our roaster consciously made a slight change when roasting this, resulting in a more developed cup profile. While Velvet White produces floral notes, pleasant acidity, and a hint of nuttiness, Halo Beriti has a sweeter stone-fruity tone, as well as caramel notes resembling peach tarts.

We believe it will be interesting to compare these two in a cupping session!

#212: Costa Rica Las Lajas Perla Negra

Las Lajas — the farm that produced this coffee — is a renowned coffee farm in the specialty coffee industry. They are known for being one of the first farms that provided quality natural coffees in Costa Rica. Prior to their coffees, so-called "natural" coffees were ones that ripened on the tree and fell onto the land to naturally ferment on their own. Of course, the quality wasn't great, so people avoided "natural" coffee then.

That's why Las Lajas producers gave its coffee a new name, "Perla Negra", which means black pearl in Spanish. This natural coffee showcases great flavours of Campbell grapes and red wine. Most of all, we love the body of this coffee — it's quite smooth and round. If you're a fan of natural coffee and are open-minded towards it, you'll likely find yourself enjoying this.

#213: Guatemala El Socorro

If you saw the Cup of Excellence auctions in Guatemala this year, you might have noticed a farm named El Socorro who won the first place with their Geisha. As you may have guessed already, this coffee originates from the same farm, but it's of a different variety called the Maracaturra. This variety is named after two different varietals, as it is a hybrid of Caturra, which is common in Colombian coffees, and Maragogype, which is known for its larger bean size.
The taste is reminiscent of pecan with intense caramel notes. But what we love most about this coffee is its subtle acidity. If a coffee only has sweetness and no perceived acidity, the drink becomes rather monotonous and boring. Yet, with this coffee, there is a mouth-watering acidity which makes its sweetness even more pronounced. We hope you'll enjoy it!